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Merula offers a choice of Broadband packages to suit home and business internet users.

At Merula, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We charge our customers based on their consistent average of bandwidth used and this enables us to avoid traffic shaping techniques used elsewhere, guaranteeing that you get the service levels that you actually need – every hour, every day - 24/7.


Our range of broadband packages are illustrated below. We also have a range of broadband and phone bundles available.

Standard Broadband Packages

Perfect for home and small business users


  • up to 8M or 24M download speeds
  • up to 448K upload speeds
  • Generous usage limits
  • unbeaten service and support
from £10 per month

Premium Broadband Packages

Perfect for home professional and business users

  • up to 8M or 24M download speeds
  • up to 2M upload speeds
  • Higher network priority
  • Generous usage packages
from £15 per month

Fibre Broadband Packages

Using the latest technology these packages provide the fastest broadband solutions over the UK Telephone network. Enough for even the most demanding users.

  • up to 80M download speeds
  • up to 20M upload speeds
  • ultimate speed
  • ultimate reliability
from £25 per month

Build your own Broadband

As well as our example packages above we are able to build a solution over one or more line to meet your exact needs. This may include multiple lines with bonded or fall over solution, or simply to create a package with usage that meets your needs. If you have any questions please do contact us.

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