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Standard Broadband Packages

Merula's range of standard ADSL packages are designed for home users and small business customers. Each comes with a number of useful features

  • Single fixed IP address (additional IPs available on request)
  • IPv6 Address block available free on request
  • Free email account
  • Access to Merula's UK based support centre
  • No port throttling or traffic shaping


Broadband Basic

Fast, reliable pay as you go broadband

  • up to 8M or 24M download speeds
  • up to 1M upload speeds
  • 20GB Guideline usage
£10 per month

Broadband Standard

The best speed and usage all at an affordable price

  • up to 8M or 24M download speeds
  • up to 1M upload speeds
  • 100GB Guideline usage
  • ultimate reliability
£22 per month

Other charges

Migrations FREE
Install £40.00

Cease Fee £35

Regrade £15

*Actual download speeds on Max products will depend on your phone line quality and network congestion. BT Wholesale estimates that 78% of customers will achieve download speeds of 4Mb and above. Fluctuation in line speed is expected to occur within the first 10 days of service whilst your line speed adapts to the maximum it can reliably support.


Note all prices are quoted ex VAT


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